María Graham


Maria Graham is a historical drama adapted from the diary of the famous British travel-writer Maria Graham who arrived in Chile in 1822 just as the country was becoming independent from Spain. During her nine months in Chile – with the constant threat of renewed civil war, and surviving a major earthquake in Valparaíso – she befriended both the Supreme Director Bernardo O’Higgins and the Scottish admiral Lord Cochrane, Admiral of the Chilean navy. Her story is one of political intrigue and rivalry, of a country struggling to its feet after the years of bloody fighting which marked an entire continent. She is a woman coming to terms with her husband’s recent death: In her discovery of this breathtakingly beautiful country, its people and its customs, she learns to live again.

Título / Title:María Graham
Año / Year:2014
País / Country:Chile
Idioma / Language:Español Inglés / Spanish English
Subtítulos / Subtitles:Inglés / English
Compañía Productora / Production Company:Suricato
Formato de Filmación / Shooting Format:Digital HD
Formato de Exhibición / Screening Format:HD
Sonido / Sound:Dolby
Género / Genre:Ficción/Fiction
Duración / Running Time:118 min
Capítulos TV / Chapters TV:4 x 50
Director:Valeria Sarmiento
Guión / Script:Miriam Heard
Productores / Producers:Christian Aspèe
Productor Ejecutivo / Executive Producer:Daniela Salazar
Jefe Producción / Line Producer:Emilio Ormazabal
Director de Fotografía / Cinematographer:David Bravo
Director de Maquetas / Scale Model Director:Juan Carlos Soler
Vestuario / Costume:Lola Cabezas
Musica Original / Original Music:Jorge Arriagada
Montaje / Editing:Felipe Zabala
Dirección Postproducción / PostproductionFelipe Zabala
Postproducción Sonido / Post Production Sound:Roberto Espinoza
Postproducción Imagen / Postproduction Image:Suricato, Blume
Composición AE ART / Composition AE ART:Pedro Quezada
Elenco Principal / Main Cast:
Miriam Heard, Sean O´Callaghan, Viviana Herrera, Daniel Guillón, Diego Casanueva, Chamila Rodriguez, Pablo Krögh, Lia Maldonado, Karina Meza, Daniela Urra, Max Corvalán, Pedro Vicuña.